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My final toughts…

This competition deserved title "extreme"


Specjalnie dla Portalu Strzeleckiego relacja, którą przygotował Primoz Bodlaj ze zwycięskiego teamu.

My final toughts about this competition are finaly coming to end in the middle of regeneration of my body and lack of beer 🙂

fot. FB Primoz Bodlaj
First thing I would like to say that this was the type of sniper competition as I would like it to be and thanks to Darek Topyla who invited us. We didn’t know what to expect but we did know that if Grom guys and Michal Dudzik are involved it won’t be easy. We trained with heavy backpacks walking and testing what is our max limit for weight and how fast and far we can go. I would say.. training was peace of cake compared to what we have experienced at this competition. We had a moto “don’t think, just to the unexpected” and push forward as hard as you can and never back down.
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First stage was stalking and we manage to come to the “save square” 5min before deadline and succesfully finish the stage. Doing that stalking took us lot of time because we study the map, observe terrain when, where and how to approach to the finish. Lets say that this stage was one of the easiest, it was longtime but you just need to stay hidden. At second stage we had “problems” with comunication because it was our first time doing this protocol and using radio station. But we get the coordinates for next stage.
fot. FB Primoz Bodlaj
Then the night falls and the orientations skills and keeping cool head came in play. We were wet and we know if we stop or rest we would have a problem. When we started walking the “orientation” stages – first part of competition, it was 16:55 and we stopped next morning at 6:25 in “safe house”. We were found two times by patrols and did 80 push-ups and 30 squats as punisment and was send back for about 1km. Most of the time we walked without light, just to be safe from being seen. Not a good idea, I crashed with my head in a tree while running away fron patrols, fall in a hole or step in a deep water.
We were more lucky then smart. When we came to the stage at the lake and they said that we need to swim across the lake to get infos for next stage we realized.. this is not a competition it is a selection. We did swim because we never back down and get the task done. We never stoped for more that 2min to rest because there was no time.. we had a 1h delay between two stages and then speed up the game and come to “safe house” at time. I was completly wet, tired, hungry, but with a strong mindset to finish.. if you move you stay in the game. After all that we get a 30min rest and then started the shooting stages, sniper rifle, support semi auto and pistol. There was a lot of medic situations, real life scenarios and that is what it made this competition so “fun” to do. We really test ourselfs it we can stay focused, awake and sharp for that many hours. At the end my GPS show 51km of moving and if we delete about 8km by truck it is a lot of walking.
We had about 30kg of equipment and there was only tripod that was not nessesary, but you don’t know that at start. This competition deserved title “extreme”, we do this for fun in out life and it showed us what we are capable to do. No place for weakminded people.
We would again like to say that people who created this event did a great job and it was done to help soldier with recovery.
Greetings from both Slovenian teams and we see us again.
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