The Longest Day Competition 2020

    18 kwiecień 2020 całodniowy
    Toskania - Włochy
    150 eur
    The Longest Day Competition 2020

    Good evening everyone
    Here we are ready for a new challenge, The Longest Day Competition 2020.
    The competition will be individual, will take place on 18/04/2020 and a limit of 28 shooters from only European countries.
    Approximately 100 shots of carbine will be required.

    The competition includes a first part of day exercises, with competition starting in the morning and a second part of night exercises ending late at night.
    It will be a very demanding competition, with a duration of about 15 hours.

    Night visors will not be allowed, in order to leave equal opportunities to all participants.
    Recommended optics with illuminated reticle.

    The registration fee will be € 150 for each participant.

    We are waiting for you on our field to participate in this new edition of the Longest Day Competition.

    Skiritai Legacy
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