Can’t wait for next year …



3:00 in the morning: “why.. why.. my body hurts, rifle is heavy, this is the last time”

15:00 at the ceremony: “fu*k it, it was great, I go again next year”

Mind strenght was again the most important feature that the competitor needed. First I would like to thank Darek Topyla for invitation and all the support, he is a good friend of us – team Hobby Snipers Slovenia. Competition was less “hard core” that we expected, but we still were exhausted at the end and happy that 32 hours were over.

This was our first shooting on a beach, sand problems, strong wind, wet air, etc. Weather was extreme and an excelent school for further shooting. Walking for 25km with 30kg equipment messes with your head and then we see who is better prepared and capable to do given tasks. Stalking stage was well timed, not to long not to short, place where we did it was a good choise – easy entry and difficult finish.

Soldier who prepared orientation stage did it excellent and I repeat – EXCELLENT!, like last year – well, some people won’t agree. You need a good knowledge at orientation, be fast and pay attention for details. Details were crutial! Army also did a great logistic job and a fairplay when searching for us at night, we are not proffessionals at hidding so sometimes they let us pass. Climbing stage was a suprise, I didn’t know how difficult it can be and fun at the same time.

We expected more shooting, something like last year but they had a limitation of personel so they did the best they could. Last shooting stage was one of the best in my shooting carrer, physically hard and a good story behid it.. machinegun Seal 🙂

Can’t wait for next year and keep doing good competitions like this one.

Best greetings from Hobby Snipers Slovenia team!

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